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The author Digvijay Mohbe is a Reiki Teacher and has been actively practicing Reiki since Jan 1997. He has vast experience in using Reiki and has always experienced positive results.


This web page speaks about wellness through self-healing.
Self-healing process is very easy and gives positive results.
Do it yourself and do not depend on others.
It activates the natural healing process of your body and restores physical and emotional well being.
It includes the following: -

a) Reiki
b) Chanting of 'AUM'
c) Affirmations

The above have independent results and can be performed together for best results.
You can change your life through the above.
You will see that the pain / agony both mental / physical has reduced considerably giving you a ray of hope to live a comfortable life.
After following the directions a sense of contentment will set in and you will experience wellness in your life.
It will expedite the recovery / treatment process.
The results will speak for themselves.
It is to be used as a complementary therapy.
CAUTION: Prescribed medication should continue and any alterations should be only on the advice of the Doctor who had prescribed the medicines.


Reiki is a Japanese method of healing by use of divine energy.
The word Reiki comes from two words 'Rei' meaning universal and 'ki' meaning life energy or force.
Hence Reiki means 'universal life energy' and the whole world is full of this invisible life force.
As long as anything is alive, it has life force circulating through it and when it dies, the life force departs.
If our life force is high and freely flowing, we are healthy and happy.
This life force has a great effect both on the mind and physical body.

What to do

All you have to do is to take initiation for Reiki first degree at any Reiki center.
Every day you should do Reiki to six chakras (root, sacral / hara, navel / solar plexus, heart, throat and ajna / third eye chakra) for minimum five minutes each.
Do not touch the crown chakra without consulting your Reiki Teacher.
Do not give Reiki to others without consulting your Reiki Teacher


This will ensure that all negative energy and energy blocks are removed and all chakras will be full of positive energy.
Your life force will be high and freely flowing making you healthy and happy.


Chanting of ‘AUM’ creates positive energy.
Connects the individual to a higher level.
Creates vibrations which moves from the lower spine to the top.

What to do

Hold your back in upright position and slowly chant ‘AUM’ for 108 times.
A rosary with 108 beads will help keep count.
Chanting should be done preferably in the morning.


It will generate positive energy along the spine.
You will feel at peace with yourself.


This initiates the process of self-healing.
A person cannot progress further as he / she is attached to strings from the past.
Our mental faculties require to be reminded so that the physical body reacts in consonance with the mind.
The words we use and the thoughts we have affect our health and shape our lives.

What to do

Repeat the first affirmation 108 times.
‘I have forgotten my past, my present and future are good’.
Repeat the second affirmation 108 times.
‘I am not sick, my mind and body are healthy’.
The Affirmations can be repeated twice / thrice a day.


The process of self-healing is initiated
It expedites the recovery / healing process


After following the above advice you will certainly benefit.
When you receive any benefit important to you, you should give something that is just as valuable.
You can deposit gurudakshina as per your free will in the bank account details given below.
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Reiki is a natural healing system of energy balancing and not a substitute for medical treatment. Always consult your licenced Doctor for any physical or psychological ailment you may have. All therapies are self-healing process and meant to compliment medical treatment and not to replace them. In no event can 'digvijaywellness' be liable in any way directly or indirectly for any damages resulting from the information provided due to misuse, negligence or other actions.

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